About PauleyK

PauleyK is a family business consisting of three siblings, all of us now in our senior years: Ilene Jones, Jim Nekola and me, Catherine Petty. I have always had a passion for being creative and starting this business is a dream come true.

Why the Name PauleyK?


Why did we choose to name the company PauleyK? Being a family business, we wanted our other two siblings to participate, but we lost them tragically at very young ages. So, they represent and bless the business with our company name and logo.

Our youngest sibling was Paul, who always seemed to have a smile on his face. My father had nicknamed him “PauleyK” from the time he was a baby. We could not understand that since his middle name was Allen. Dad, why PauleyK? He explained he had affectionate memories of a teacher when he was young named Kay Pauley. Okay, now we understood and PauleyK it was!


Why the Butterfly?

Janie was number 4 in the sibling pecking order. We just adored our beautiful little sister. We all thought she would grow up to be a veterinarian or a botanist. She loved the outdoors and nature. And, mother nature was attracted to her. In our backyard, little Janie would stand still, stiffen her body and a monarch butterfly would inevitably land on her nose. My mother would look in joyful amazement. After Janie’s passing, every time my mother would see a monarch she would say, there’s Janie! The butterfly in our logo is in honor of our sister.

We hope you enjoy all of our unique hand-crafted fashion accessory products. And, when you see a monarch butterfly, it is our sister Janie coming by to say hello!